Hearing Chord Changes By Ear

The Personalities of Major Scale Chords, with Jim D’Ville

Benefits of this session: When your head is tucked into a songbook you are missing the joy of engaging with and making music with others. In this fun workshop Jim D’Ville will introduce your ears to the chords of the Major Scale and how those chords relate to one another to create the music to popular songs.

Topics: Learning to Listen to Chords of the Major Scale, Introduction to the Circle of 5ths,  Popular Chord Progressions

Presenter: Jim D’Ville is a music educator and facilitator who is on a mission to get ukulele players off the paper and playing by ear. Jim is a Contributing Editor at Ukulele Magazine and the author of the Play Ukulele By Ear DVD series. http://www.PlayUkuleleByEar.com he has been teaching ukulele for nearly 20 years.

Assumed Knowledge: a few basic chords. Open to all levels.

Price: Aus $16 . 60 minute session. ($16 Australian is about $12 US, depending on exchange rates on the day.)

Time and Date: Saturday December 4, 10 am, Eastern Australian Time. (= 3pm the previous day, Friday, California time, 6 pm Friday New York time).

Book here: https://www.trybooking.com/BULRE

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