Intro to the blues

Introduction to The Blues,  with  Duplicity (Sue Kidd  and Brendan Canty)

Topics: In this workshop we’ll introduce you to playing the Blues on a ukulele.  Topics covered: The structure and feel of Blues songs. 12 Bar Blues progressions  (I,IV,V) in a couple of  keys. Some blues licks and turnarounds to get you started on the Blues.

Presenters: Sue Kidd and Brendan Canty perform together as Duplicity. They are regulars on the festival circuit in Australia and New Zealand having performed and run workshops at the Melbourne Ukulele Festival, Hills Ukulele Festival, Blue Mountains Ukulele Festival, SPRUKE (Brisbane), Girgarre Moosic Muster, PAVE Festival (Emerald) and 4 Strings Festival (New Zealand) to name a few. Both Sue and Brendan are members of the Australian Ukulele Teachers and Leaders Association (AUTLA).

Why do this workshop? Do you want to play the blues on your ukulele?  We’ll show you how.  This workshop is your introduction to ukulele blues.  You’ll learn blues chord progressions, the structure and feel of blues songs and some licks and turnarounds to start you on your ukulele blues journey.  

Date and time: Sunday 26 September, 11:30, Melbourne time

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Assumed knowledge: Basic chord shapes. Open to all levels.

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