Learn How to Teach Yourself.

with Vic Kena

Learn the steps I take that allow me to play almost any song I want to play.

Behind these 3 key elements are simple tools to help you teach yourself 1. Awareness 2. Patience 3. Process

Benefits of this session:
Are you a beginner, intermediate or advanced player struggling with your chord shapes, chord changes, strumming or anything else when playing your ukulele? If the answer is yes, then join me and I will show you how to teach yourself to improve any area of your playing.
Have you ever stopped to think how professional players might learn something new or how they might practice to make something sound better if it isn’t initially?
There are certain steps they have learnt over their years of playing and practicing, which I will share with you in this workshop.

Presenter: Vic Kena is a professional guitarist, ukulele player and coach with over 30 years experience. Endorsed by Kanilea Ukulele Hawaii, Founder of the Australian Ukulele Show, performed with Jake Shimabukuro and Keith Urban and in 2021 he taught himself how to strum along to most songs on left-handed ukulele in just 2 weeks.

Vic’s Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-bJBz8dclAf8ywFwaxoo5Q/featured.

Time and Date: 12 noon, Melbourne time, Saturday February 19. Note, this is 11 a.m. Queensland time. For those in the US, this sessions will be Friday evening. See the time zone converter on the home page.

Cost: Aus $16. This is about US $12.

For bookings, click here: https://www.trybooking.com/BWEYL (Bookings will open January 26)

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