‘Oh Carol’ Using Rhumba Pattern

Learning the song ‘Oh Carol’ by Neil Sedaka with a Rhumba Pattern

Synopsis :
In this workshop Daniel Purnomo will be sharing about the triad chord concept and how to apply that for Rhumba pattern in an evergreen song “Oh Carol”. He will also explain the concept of I-vi-ii-V-I progression, the fingerboard mapping that pertains the subject, “running bass” concept on ukulele, and train the participants in techniques, such as : Rasqueado & Floating Arm technique. The goal is to achieve good balance of strumming and plucking combination for Rhumba.
The practice includes playing together with “playing along” track. It’s gonna be fun & groovy ukulele workshop.

There will be students’ showcases on the last meeting.

Dates and Time : 3 Fridays, 8pm Melbourne time (5pm Singapore time)
11th – 25th February 2022

Rates : Aus $ 90

Minimum class : 10 people

Prerequisite : Able to strum simple chords

Platform : Zoom
All meetings will be recorded exclusively for the class.

Booking Link: https://www.trybooking.com/BXAWH

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