Play Ukulele By Ear        


The Emotional Value of Chords , with Jim D’Ville             

Benefits of this course :
Learn to play by ear without the aid of a songbook.
Improve your listening skills. 
This course will benefit both ukulele and guitar players.                           

Topics covered:
Learn to hear and identify major, minor, and diminished chords.
Learn to hear and identify popular chord progressions.
Learn the chord numbering system.

Presenter: Jim D’Ville is a Contributing Editor to Ukulele magazine. He has taught his Play Ukulele By Ear approach to students all over the world. He hosts, and has a Patreon site entitled Pop Up Uke

Assumed knowledge: Open to all levels. Knowledge of basic ukulele chords C Dm Em F G Am Bdim will be helpful.

Time and Date: 10 am Sunday February 20, Melbourne Australia time. If you are in the US, this will be late afternoon or early evening on Saturday. Please refer to the time zone converter on the front page.
Cost: Aus $16. This is about US $12.

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