Same chord, different shape

Go To The Next Level Using Easy Songs

with Kirk Jones

Why do this workshop?  By playing chords in different positions, your notes will start to rise above the others you are playing with and add layers that makes your songs sound more full and rich.

Topics:  We will take basic well known 2, 3, and 4 chord songs, and move them to the 2nd position (i.e. two frets up the neck.) It will build knowledge of how chords are built. You will become more aware of the rest of the fretboard.

About the presenter: My name is Kirk Jones and I consider myself a semi-professional, FUNsician. I play and teach ukulele for a living, and I love helping people on their “ukulele journey”. I live in Huntsville, Alabama in the United States and I love traveling around to meet Uke groups and players. I enjoy ukulele festivals of all types. I am a lifelong student and teacher. Please check out my YouTube channel to get a taste of what this FUNsician loves to play and teach.

Knowledge assumed:  This workshop is for Confident Beginners to Basic Intermediate players.

Time and date: 12 noon Saturday, Melbourne time (9 am Singapore, 5pm US Pacific time the previous day).

Length: 60 minutes.

Cost $16 (in Australian dollars.) This is about US$12

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