Scales chords and changing keys.

Understanding what major and minor scale are, why chords contain the notes they do, and how to change a song to fit your voice. (Sign up for any other two sessions and we will send you the link for this session free.)

Why do this session? Do you know the shape for a G chord, but not why? Do you sometimes need to change the key of a song, but don’t know how? Ever wondered why some chords “just go together?”

Topics: we will start by explaining how a major scale is built, and what notes in contains. Next: what notes go in a major chord and why. For every major scale there is a related minor scale, and we explain what notes go in a minor chord. Then why certain chords “go with each other”, and how you change a key of a song EASILY.

Knowledge Assumed: Nil. This is a totally basic intro to music theory. PowerPoint slides will be supplied.

Presenter: Richard Snow was a participant of Melbourne’s largest community uke group for seven years. He is a regular performer at open mic nights in Melbourne.

Time and date: Saturday 2pm, 5 December,  Melbourne time. (11 am same day in Singapore. 7 pm the previous night US pacific time.)

Cost $16 (in Australian dollars.) This is about US$12

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