Scales chords and changing keys.

Understanding what major and minor scale are, why chords contain the notes they do, and how to change a song to fit your voice.

Why do this session? Do you know the shape for a G chord, but not why? Do you sometimes need to change the key of a song, but don’t know how? Ever wondered why some chords “just go together?”

Topics: we will start by explaining how a major scale is built, and what notes in contains. Next: what notes go in a major chord and why. For every major scale there is a related minor scale, and we explain what notes go in a minor chord. Then why certain chords “go with each other”, and how you change a key of a song EASILY.

Knowledge Assumed: Nil. This is a totally basic intro to music theory. PowerPoint slides will be supplied.

Presenter: Richard Snow was a participant of Melbourne’s largest community uke group for seven years. He is a regular performer at open mic nights in Melbourne.

Time and date: Sunday 4 pm, 20 February,  Melbourne time.

Cost $16 (in Australian dollars.) This is about US$12

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