with Bernard de la Coeur

Topics: Getting started at songwriting, where to get ideas/inspiration, what to write about, tricks for good lyrics.

Presenter: Bernard has been writing songs since 2006, has written 150 songs, recorded three CDs with his group the Brass Traps, regularly performs his originals at open mic nights.

Why do this workshop?
So you’d like to try songwriting, that will be great!
Commanding the crowd, fame and fortune await.
You pick up your pencil to pour out your heart,
But now there’s a problem, just how do you start?
The tricks for beginners from Bernard, your coach,
So log on and try out The Brass Traps Approach!

Time and Date 1 pm (Melbourne time) Sunday 26 September 2021

Assumed knowledge: This is a total beginner’s course.

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