Stage Presentation

How to use the stage, project yourself, and connect better with your audience

Presenter: Amie Brûlée

Why do this course? This workshop will give you tips, tricks and techniques to develop your stage presence. We’ll look at ways of moving, talking and using the microphone and stage space to be a more charismatic performer. We will also explore techniques to reduce performance anxiety.

Topics to be covered: How to use your body, stories, microphone and the stage space to be a better performer, as well as techniques to reduce performance anxiety.

About the Presenter:Oh, je t’adore”, said the singer to the ukulele. Amie and her small, stringed friend bring you fabulous songs in seductively vintage style. Occasionally spotted in Paris with her ukulele (that’s ukulélé in French), she sings an eclectic mix of French chansons, vintage jazz, and other tunes that cross her path and take her fancy. Her musical adventures and influences range from cabaret to blues, jazz, flamenco and folk (just to name a few), and she loves nothing more than finding a new way to interpret an old song. A qualified and experienced teacher and performer, Amie loves to sing great songs, tell interesting tales and share the joy of music with audiences and students. 

Assumed knowledge: Suitable for beginners. This workshop is designed for ukulele players, but is suitable for players of any instruments.

Time and date: Sunday Dec 5th, 2 p.m, Melbourne Australia time. (7pm the previous night in US Pacific time.)

One-hour session. Cost Aus $16. This is about US$12

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