Transposing and Chord Shapes

Sally Carter will show you how to transpose keys. How this can be
related to playing different chords based on the same chord
shape played up and down the fretboard. Specifically for
tenor/concert/soprano ukuleles.

• How to use the musical alphabet to transpose.
• How to play different chords using the same chord shape.
• Understanding what strings to strum/pluck with different
• How to play chords close together on the fretboard to save

Why Do This Workshop?
• Do you want to increase your understanding of how music is
• Would you like to develop your ability to play chords on
different parts of the fretboard?
• Would you like to easily play chords that you have always
found difficult to play?
If you are keen to take your ukulele chord playing to the next
level, then this workshop is for you!

Sally Carter performs solo as Sally’s Ukulele and as a duo with
Keith Rea as Green Fieldz. Sally performs many genres on
ukulele including classical, jazz, ragtime, Celtic, bluegrass, pop
and old favourites.
Performing at many festivals in Australia and NZ, Sally has also
run workshops and master classes on different aspects of ukulele
Sally has written two Ukulele Ensemble books (50 original tunes
arranged in 2-4 parts, including chords, in each) and one Ukulele
Solo and Duo book (72 tunes written and arranged for solo or
duo playing)- suitable for beginners through to more experienced
players of tenor, concert and soprano ukulele. The tunes cater for
high and low G ukuleles.

Assumed Knowledge
A basic knowledge of commonly played chords is required.

Time and Date: Saturday 19 Feb, 10 a.m. (Melbourne time). For thise in the US, this will later in the day on Friday – the day before . Please refer to the time zone converter on the front page.
Cost: Aus $16. This is about US $12.

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