Working with other musicians (Why some bands fail…)

Why some bands fail, and how to avoid it.

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Topics: Keen to work with other musicians but not sure how it would go? Previously had more collaborative disappointments and divorces than Elizabeth Taylor? Identify what makes  groups sink or swim, suggest where to start with a new group, or how to turn around one that isn’t going well?

– The 7 seven things to think about BEFORE working with other musicians.
-If things don’t go well, what is fixable & how?
-When and whether to develop together or say goodbye 

Presenter: Gaelle is a singer, & has been in over 20 bands in as many years, including 11 years in Melbourne Ukulele Kollective. Once voted Best Entertainer at the Mortlake National Buskers Festival, she has seen every possible band outcome – the Good, the Bad, & the Ugly!

Gaelle is also a teacher & counsellor, & uses these in explaining the art of collaborating with other musicians.

Time and date: Sunday 26 September, 2.30 p.m., Melbourne time.

Assumed knowledge:  Zero. Suitable for any instrument, singer or performer.

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