Learning  easy major scales

The C major scale and how to vary it, with Nick Bennett.   
1.How to play C Major scale starting on low G string,
2. How to play C Major scale starting on the C string, for Hi G ukes.
3. How to play  the melody of Happy Birthday,
4. How to play the chords of Happy Birthday, record it and play it together with the melody.

Benefits of this workshop:
This session will start you on a musical journey where you can play individual notes, and short runs of notes (riffs) to add color to your songs, and find melody by ear.
We will explain how to play the C major scale (the notes C, D, E, F , G, A, B, C).  When you have mastered this pattern you will be able to quickly and confidently play major scales in all 12 keys. We will also show you the C Mixolydian (which has the same notes as C major, but with a B flat note). We will learn to use this scale to play Happy Birthday.

This course is aimed at GCEA tuned ukes. Hi G is OK. A future course could be aimed at DGBE Baritone uke and guitar.

Assumed knowledge: How to tune your ukulele. It would be helpful, but not necessary, to know the chords F, B flat, C and C7.

Presenter: Having played guitar for 50 years and uke as well for 20, the learning curve steepened attending the Sydney Con Open Academy Jazz Impro course and playing with Liew Kiek in the World Music Ensemble. Busking at Circular Quay,  giving a few lessons to get by, improving technique, and learning all the time. Life was good! Then Covid came, so it was time to learn how to play scales and the notes on the fretboard.

Time and date: Saturday 19 Feb, 2 pm Melbourne/Sydney Australian time. If you are in the US, this will be late Friday afternoon or early Friday evening the day before. Please refer to the time zone converter on the front page.

Cost: Aus $16. This is about US $12.

Booking: https://www.trybooking.com/BWEYL

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